My Woodbury Students- International Business Culture

I’m so lucky to have such GREAT students

  1. 3
  2. International togetherness
  3. Saudi Presentations2
  4. Saudi Presentations1
  5. Saudi Presentations3
  6. Saudi Presentations4

3 responses to “My Woodbury Students- International Business Culture

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  2. Abdulraouf Albaijan

    @drbizvisions We are so proud of you Dr.Green Thank you for the knowledge, thank you for the great lectures. We hope to meet you soooooon 🙂

  3. pictures are really cool. It seems that all your calsses have the magnificent exprience like our business class. without doubt you are one of the brilliant professors who teach me some lessons for real life .I really enjoy bening your classes that students have chance to participate actively in class. I hope see you soon and have anther chance to set in your classes.

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