32 Innovations That Will Change Your Tomorrow


5 responses to “Innovation

  1. Yep, Expect the Unexpected. Now technology is growing so fast that we might know that our technology is advanced already, but it will get better for sure. We have seen how in Asia some scientists or innovative people have started to create technology such as robots that look like humans and also animals. It is wonderful how technology grows, but I hope that my kids or I will not be replaced by a machine as lately it is been happening in some advanced countries such as Japan, U.S. and others.

    If somebody would say to go back in time and be as it was before without this beautiful technology, I would not agree because I love the way technology is right now, and I would not like to go back in time; It would be a total disaster. However, I would trust robots even though they are super smart because I believe humans are just awesome. Without a human, a robot could not be created, so technology is good, but it should not take over human responsibilities in this world.

  2. Professor Green,
    These innovations are marvelous. As any person with curly hair the Clean Hair, No Hands idea sounds like a fantastic idea. I am sure we both love the idea of permanent sunblock. Los Angeles can definitely use The Congestion Killer. Synthetic alcohol will surely be a hit. People will drink more of the regular alcohol since they will no longer be afraid of the hangover. The CSI bathroom cleaner will definitely make all of our lives better by helping us spot the dirtiest places and eliminate harmful bacteria. I hope that this will reduce sickness.
    I am skeptic about the rest of inventions. In particular, the blood tests for depression. I feel as if anything is now as a psychological disorder. Anything that improves our way of life I am for but not for those that just make us human useless or heartless.
    Elisabeth Enriquez

  3. This is fantastic! There are so many items here that makes you believe the Star Trek series was an oracle and not a television show. The shirt that can charge batteries, the smart home, the automated shower, all of these things are just awesome! I love when I watch old movies and see things that are now in existence, and it is inventions like these that bring fantasy into reality.

  4. Wow, this article just blew my mind. We live in a world that is constantly evolving and being updated in the technologies it uses. I always knew people out in the world were being innovative and finding ways in which people could be more productive in their lives, but not to this extent. It is pretty awesome to see the countless ideas that people are coming up with. My favorite was Innovation #3 that involved the Morning Multi-tasker. As the article mentioned the idea would resemble the sort of technology that was shown in the Iron Man movie, which I loved. I remember leaving the theatre that day imagining how amazing it would be to witness a technology and to see that it is actually in the process of being created blew my mind. Really makes me look forward to what the future holds for us. Thank you Dr. Green.

  5. Very interesting article! Some of the inventions are just mind-blowing. I really liked the Morning Multi-Tasker since I prefer to study in my kitchen (maybe because it’s so close to food) so this invention would be perfect for me. Clean Hair, No Hands sounds amazing as well. I love having my hair washed and my scalp massaged at hair salons so it would be nice to get the same amazing experience at home! Robo-Petting one kind of freaked me out a little, it would be weird to have some mechanical thing walking around imitating a pet. I would rather have real ones:). The synthetic alcohol sounds like a great idea, nobody likes getting drunk and having hangovers, plus alcohol tastes terribly. I would definitely give that one a try.

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