Clash In Values

MOTHER Homemaker Working Mother Single Mother Single Mother/ Father
FAMILY Close Family Dispersed Family Latchkey Kids Looser Family Structure
MARRIAGE Married Once Divorced/ Remarried Single Parent Undetermined
HAIR Short Hair Long Hair Any Style Hair Bleached/ Spiked
CLOTHES Formal Casual Bizarre Anything Goes
MUSIC Big Band/ Swing Rock ‘n’ Roll Alternative, Rap Very Diverse
MONEY Save It Now Buy It Now Want It Now Get It Now (online)
PURCHASING Purchase w/ Cash Purchase w/ credit card Struggling to Purchase Purchase Online
MARKETING Ford Marketing Concept GE Marketing Concept Ignored Market Interactive Global Market
HIGH-TECH Slide Rule Calculator Computer Internet
WORK STYLE Team Work Personal Fulfillment Tentative/ Divided Loyalty Networking
WAR Win a War Why a War? Watch A War Winless War
MORALS Puritan Ethics Sensual Cautious Tolerant











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