What a pleasure it was to work with this year’s students at LAVC. I just love watching the Learning Happening and see the students become amazed at what they can accomplished when the Bar of Excellence is Raised Higher. This year the students worked hard to put together a Business Proposal and WOW… they really did a good job. Something that they can be quite proud of as they continue with their education and careers. It was not only the mindmapping, writing and presenting, but also the team work and the learning that came about certainly showed within their presentations. Bravo to all of you!

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22 responses to “LAVC CAOT32 SPG 2014

  1. It’s wonderful that there are people like your self that don’t need to work at a place like LAVC but do it any ways. It inspires me to want to improve my self so that I too can one day give back. The experience in your class was amazing. Thank you for sharing with us your knowledge and your wisdom of the business world. I will keep in touch. Thankful, Giovanni Larin Sent from my iPhone


  2. lesliewijangco

    This was definitely a difficult and rewarding experience. I’ve learned a skill that I will surely put to use again sometime in the future when I am ready to start a business of my own. Thank you very much Professor for showing me that nothing is impossible. After learning that you were able to attain all of your educational achievements while raising a family has really inspired me to reach for the stars. I wish you the best in all your future endeavors and I hope to see you again in another class.

  3. Once again thank your for such a wonderful class experience. This was my last quarter and I can’t tell you how challenging and overwhelming it has been. Many times I found myself wanting to throw my hands up and give up. One of the things that kept me going was your quote, “You deserve what you accept,” and I don’t deserve to give up on myself. So thank you for that. You not only teach, you inspire.

  4. Everyone looks good! We should always dress like this.

  5. Tigran Tufenkchyan

    I learned so much from taking this course. I especially enjoyed listening to all the stories you would share with class. Every one of them had a real meaning to life to be learned from. Thank you once again Professor!

  6. Thank you very much for your class. It was much more than I expected. The hardest part for me was the group project. I had lots of thinking. I appreciate you told us your personal goals in life. That was the best part that I paid attention to. You almost made me cry. It touched me. I love your saying You get what you accept and I think it is very true. Always grateful…Evelyn.

  7. Thank You! I personally enjoyed every class they were all enthusiastic as well as your stories related to the course. Although when it came to public speaking it became a little challenging to me therefore I am looking forward to taking communication/speech 101 with you. Maybe then I will overcome that phobia I have for public speaking once and for all.

  8. I love them. the idea of taking photo was great. Dr green your class was amazing and I had a such a great experience this semester. You made learning so enjoyable and I believe every body learnt a lot. Thank you so Much.

  9. These photos are great. Everyone looks very nice. Thank you again, Professor, for this project. This too is my last semester and I’m glad to have taken a class that was very hands-on. The team-building and presentation skills that you taught us will come in handy for the future.

  10. Dear Doc. Green it was pleasure to be in your class. Every single class meeting was an interesting journey for me which makes me to live and act differently. Thank you so much for helping us to succeed. You make class unique that every time before the class started I asked myself “What we are going to do today?”.

  11. This was a great semester. I learned a lot from your class. I know I will be using everything I learned in this class for the rest of my life. You were a great inspiration professor. It is amazing to see how much you love what you do. Thank you.

  12. saeaka101

    I learned a lot about myself through this presentation and about teamwork! I realize how important teamwork is. Working together for the same goal is really cool. And now we all have pictures to remind ourselves of how we put our best efforts into this project!

  13. This class was simply amazing, Professor Green! Not only I learned a lot from you but also I had a lot of fun. I actually wanted to drop this class at the beginning because it took three weeks to finally meet you but you definitely made it worth waiting for you:). Thank you and have a great summer!

  14. This project was marvelous idea. Even though there were a lot of paperwork, it was a rewarding experience. Furthermore, I met new people and actually enjoyed the time I had with them. I have also learned a lot from your lessons and your shared experiences which opened up my mind to new things. I wish there were more professors like you in LAVC. Thank you Dr.Green.

  15. This was one of my favorite classes. Once again I enjoyed your class and learned a lot of new things. Thank you so much for your counsel for my interview, it helped a lot. The pictures look great and I now have new connections. Thank you for your teachings and the experiences you shared with us. These stories and knowledge learned will travel with me all the way.

  16. I really enjoyed this class and the presentations. They helped build up communication and teamwork skills. I really liked the environment of the class because we got to interact with all the students and get to know about them through the blogs. Thank you for sharing your experiences and knowledge with us.

  17. sjoaxaca

    I really enjoyed your class, it was quite different from all the other classes that I have taken. I really enjoyed the cultural presentation, I learned a lot about different cultures that I had never know about in my life. The food was really good too, and that made me really expand the comfort zone that I have with the type of food that I eat. I want to thank you for the experience that you shared with us about the real world, for that is something I learned for the real world. Thank you and God bless.

  18. This class was a great opportunity to work with nice and creative people in a conducive environment. It gave me a big picture of business approaches and business communication, more than I expected.
    Thank you class, thank you Dr. Green for spectacular time I had.

  19. Thank you professor green for a unique learning experience! This was my last class in LAVC and I think that it was the perfect ending as it provided me with the best tool for life: “you deserve what you accept”. This powerful sentence opened my eyes and made me realized that I have the ability and responsibility to change my life according to my true desires. It might sounds easy and simple but it is very hard to truly live your life according to this powerful statement. Not only I gained valiuable knowledge about the business world, I learned new things about myself, and my personal goals, and that is priceless! Thank you professor Green, for a meaningful journey.

  20. bidiaz92

    Well look at us, we look great! We really know how to get together and work together. that’s something we would’ve never learned without the extra push from Dr. Green. I believe this class was the most joined together family and culture oriented class I have ever had. There were days where I wanted to pull my hairs out because the work was so overwhelming, but what job isn’t stressful, right? This class will keep a special place in my heart. I want to congratulate everyone graduating this semester, great luck on your future endeavors. As for those staying at LAVC one more year, you can do this! You’re almost there. Thank you Dr. Green for sharing your knowledge and stories with us, we greatly appreciate it.

  21. arusyaksahakyan

    Dr. Green thank you so much for this life learning experience. I enjoyed every class meeting. I am looking forward for Communication class with you!

  22. ccolindres21

    It was a pleasure to be part of a class like this. I learned many things that will forever stay in my mind, but most importantly, I will always remember the story you told us the last day of class. May God bless you Dr. Green.